Developed by James Cox, D.C., Cox Technic is the premier technique for the treatment of non-surgical disc, and disc related problems. Using a specially designed chiropractic table, the spine is gently decompressed with a contact on the specific vertebra involved as the table moves the it through the various ranges of motion.  Research has documented that this kind of decompression can drop intradiscal pressures in the lumbar spine as low as -192mm Hg, and widen the spinal canal foraminal area by 28%.  Cox Technic is effective for disc herniations, stenosis, spondylolisthesis, and post-surgical continued pain, just to name a few conditions.

Cox utilizes the “50% Rule” to guide the expected outcomes of care.  The rule states:

  • 50% improvement, measured subjectively and objectively, is expected within 30 days. If 50% improvement is not achieved, further testing and/or surgical consultation will be considered.
  • At 50%, which could come in only a visit or two, treatment frequency will be decreased by half.

At Artful Chiropractic, we utilize the Hill Air-flex Flexion Distraction table. This pneumatic model also includes the cervical distraction unit, which allows for Cox Technic cervical spine manipulation.