Does ART hurt?

Active Release Technique is designed to release the scar tissue that is preventing your joints, nerves, and muscles from moving the way they were intended to.  Generally, it is a good thing if the treatment, to some extent, reproduces the symptoms because this confirms we are dealing with the source of the problem.  Sometimes this is more uncomfortable than others, but the treatment is always geared to the patient, like any kind of treatment.

Will I be sore?

One third to one half of new chiropractic patients experience some significant pain or soreness after their first or second treatment.  However, three points bear emphasizing: First, this soreness is usually similar to that of beginning an exercise program.  Second, it should be different from the symptoms we are addressing.  And third, as treatment progresses, this type of soreness usually decreases.

How long will my treatment take?

In general, it depends on your condition.  The longer a condition has been present, the longer it usually takes to treat.  The standard in Active Release is that we generally see a 50% decrease in symptoms within 3-4 treatments.  In one study, 91% of low back pain patients treated with Cox Technic, regardless of condition, achieved maximal improvement in 90 days.

Will I have to get “cracked”?

“Cracking” usually refers to what is called high velocity low amplitude manipulation (HVLA).  While Dr. Baroody is fully proficient in HVLA and can provide those services at request, our office specializes in Cox Technic and Active Release, neither of which is HVLA.