I was in a car accident three years ago. I was the passenger and we got rear-ended by not one but two vans...double impact!  I had been having neck and back pain and subsequently pain in my hips as well ever since.  I was talking with a massage therapy student about the chronic pain and he recommended that I see a chiropractor.  Myresponse was that I would love to, but it would have to be someone REALLY good who could make me better and not worse. (my trusting nature!)  He said he knew a chiropractor who was fantastic and really knew what he was doing, that he went to him himself!  He gave me Dr. Baroody's name and telephone number.  I called and made an appointment.  I was pretty apprehensive because I wasn't really sure what to expect.  As soon as I sat down for my consultation with Dr. Baroody, I could tell he was very knowledgeable in his field as well as very professional.  He did an adjustment and some ART and I started to feel quite a bit better right away. It's been almost 5 months and I am pain free!  I can turn my head from side to side without pain, I can dance all night and not pay for it the next day!  I would highly recommend Dr. Baroody to anyone who had pain that could be treated by a chiropractor.  He is not only professional and knowledgeable, but very honest, kind hearted and has high integrity as well.  Thanks Doc! You're the best!


I had been going to chiropractors most of my life, however, I have had TOS(thoracic outlet syndrome) for years with no relief.  A good friend of mine who is a massage therapy student had Steve for one of his instructors and recommended him to me. I called, set up an appt, etc.  and I TELL YOU WHAT!!!!! I am pain-free, (did you hear what I said>>>PAINFREE!!! now going on 3 months. I had what you call a FROZEN SHOULDER, in medical terms>Adhesive Capsulitis.....say that before breakfast!!!!. The treatment he did (ART) was so significant and unbelievable, I can now raise my right arm to the sky...never could for 5 years..Steve is gentle, concerned, and gets to the root of your problem immediately. I would refer anyone who needs a chiropractor to see Steve. He is a one-stop DOCTOR...Never to need anyone else again. I
will definitely keep going. And by the way its now every 2-3 months for just maintenance.....YOU ROCK STEVE>>>>THANKS...


1. After 4 weeks of doctor visits and 5 weeks of physical therapy visits with little to no improvement I found Dr Baroody on the national Active Release Technique website and gave him a call. I had read and heard a lot about ART and willing to give it a try.

2. Dr Baroody took the time to get a full explanation about my athletic background, going back nearly 30 years, and then started to work on me. After one visit I felt a huge difference and actually ran 2 miles with no pain! After 2 visits I was able to run and bike after two months of pain!  After 6 visits over 3 weeks I am competiting in my first triathlon of the season with no pain.

3. ART resolved my problem by loosening my IT Band to the point my knee cap moved over so the patella tendon was tracking properly and the pain was gone.

4. I have already told many friends and other athletes about ART and Dr. Baroody, I recommend both, highly.  I am doing my first triathlon this Saturday if all goes well I am going to Nationals, July 8 & 9. Thanks for all your help, it has been truly amazing!